How Entry Point North keeps up with the soaring video content trends with Videobuddy

  • Brand templates created in videobuddy enable the creation of videos pronto, whenever Entry Point North has an urgent request.
  • Videobuddy’s media treasure trove smooths over any hurdles or blocks in creating time-sensitive marketing videos and recruitment ads
  • The client support team serves as their creative buddies on speed dial, providing immediate help with more complex ideas.
The Company

Entry Point North is a leading global academy for Air Traffic Services (ATS) training. Starting in 2006 through a collaboration with key Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) – Naviair, LFV, and AirNav – it boasts decades of collective training experience. Catering to a vast clientele, including public and private sector ANSPs, airports, airlines, and military organizations worldwide, Entry Point North has served over 150 clients from 58 countries, establishing itself as a global leader in aviation training.

The Struggle

Navigating the marketing world of Entry Point North's multi-country operations is quite an adventure. When we spoke to Anne-Helene, the Training Administration Coordinator at Entry Point North, she emphasized on how the marketing team constantly found itself entangled in the pressure of creating videos on the fly, responding to urgent demands from various regions. Additionally, the recruitment department often threw in some curveballs with calls for time-sensitive recruitment ads, keeping the team on their toes, making it impossible for them to establish a fixed plan or anticipate the frequency of video production in any given week or month. This lack of predictability, Anne explained, loomed as a major obstacle for the marketing team in planning and resource allocation.

When we became videobuddies

In the world of marketing, the buzz for lively content has never been louder! Entry Point North sniffed the winds of change and wanted to break away from the monotony of still photos. Understanding the need to resonate with the TikTok generation and maintain constant engagement, they turned to their trusty sidekick Videobuddy for a solution.

According to Anne, the marketing team instantly found a resolution with our rockstar Anton, Videobuddy’s client lead. When he showed off all the incredible possibilities within the platform, , the team was not just convinced; they were genuinely excited.

“... the client support team's cheerfulness, valuable suggestions for video improvement, and overall helpfulness—all contributed to making the onboarding process quite easy.”

 - Anne-Helene, the Training Administration Coordinator at Entry Point North

Indeed, the collaboration with Anton and the client support team has proven to be  fruitful. When asked for a rating, Anne gave Videobuddy's client support a whopping 100 out of 10 – talk about off the charts enthusiasm!  

A testament to this relationship became apparent when Anne shared that during the festive season, she envisioned an exciting advent calendar, Videobuddy not only embraced the concept but went above and beyond by creating a template that blew their expectations ‘out of the air’.

At Entry Point North, the video-making dance is all about being flexible and on your toes. The HR team keeps things lively with sudden calls for recruitment ads, adding a dose of spontaneity into the routine. And hey, being a global player means there's no chance for a fixed schedule – crafting ads for different regions keeps the marketing department on its creative toes. Predicting the number of videos they’ll whip up each week or month? Well, that's a fun mystery they are always solving!

Videobuddy played a pivotal role in addressing these video demands and keeping the Entry Point North’s brand consistently active in the digital landscape. When the marketing team faces those unpredictable moments, they dive into the media bank, and use the brand templates they’ve saved on Videobuddy. According to them, It's like having a magic wand for whipping up engaging content in a flash, getting all the nods from stakeholders, and keeping their social platforms buzzing with life and connection. And whenever a little hiccup pops up, they can bet the Videobuddy support team will be there in a flash!

In reality, one of the things that makes Videobuddy a real game-changer for Entry Point North is the infectious joy and passion the team pours into every creative endeavor. 

“It's not just a job to them; it's a wholehearted celebration of what they love doing”

 - Anne-Helene, the Training Administration Coordinator at Entry Point North

But for Anne, here is the actual best-part: Videobuddy's user-friendly features always step up to the runway, making light work of those time-sensitive video demands. The end results? Pure professional perfection, the marketing team can't help but feel a swell of pride, even though it's not their own wizardry at play. wink

For Christmas, I wanted to create an advent calendar, and I discussed it with Anton. He liked the idea and offered to make a template for us, and it turned out amazing. I have many ideas that they passionately work with.

Training Administration Coordinator at Entry Point North


When asked, what particularly about the platform made them convert from their three month trial to permanent adopters, John mentioned three main reasons:




Since spring 2023, Entry Point North has been on a roll, whipping up over a hundred videos that not only got the audience all fired up but also brought their global team together.

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